Artificial intelligence energy efficiency

21 Oct 2020

Artificial intelligence energy efficiency

Artificial Intelligence – How AI Enhances the Energy Efficiency of the Building

Currently, buildings play a key role in tackling climate change as they comprise nearly 40% of the global energy consumption. However, most building owners are not aware of the energy consumption  within their buildings is due to the absence of data as well as analysis tools. Even if there is the measurement, just 10 percent of the gathered data is utilized for making business decisions.

Analytics could substantially enhance productivity, for instance, a standard building energy performance management system.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is an advantageous way to form the complete potential of technological developments, including IoT (Internet of Things), which has been evolving in the business world. Iot gathered with AI can be utilized for analyzing and monitoring huge data sets in a seamless manner, helping business owners to save both money and energy.

Artificial Intelligence energy efficiency savings can go up to 30 percent without any impact on indoor conditions and comfort. In addition, the system assists in adjusting the air conditioning system procedures during the initiation stage to manage energy effectively. The AI building energy performance management system has an open app programming interface where other operators can utilize the data and create new services.

Artificial intelligence energy efficiency

Summary of the Advantages of AI Energy Efficiency

  • Monitors and analyze the power consumption and conditions of the building.
  • Optimize indoor conditions and comfort. 
  • Identify areas where enhancements can be made for energy and expense savings

Thoughts and Future Outlook

Clean energy continues to evolve financially and effectively towards improving and enhancing local and global corporate sustainability. As such, as clean energy becomes more liberalized, so will the demand to manage the building’s energy consumption. In recognition of this ever-growing phenomenon, AI is being integrated across main sectors of energy management, increasing the capacity of data analytics. 

As energy monitoring continues to become a topic of interest among business owners, SOURCE, an EMS by Plus Xnergy Edge, provides your organization with the ability to monitor your energy consumption and convert the building’s energy data into savings. Through SOURCE, an AIoT energy performance management system, turn the energy insights within your building into savings and business intelligence. 

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