Building Energy Management System Vs. Building Management System – What is the Difference?

18 Dec 2020

More than 44 percent of building operators believe they have a building Energy Management System (EMS) in place, according to the survey organized by MACH Energy. When in fact over 70 percent of building operators have a Building Management (BMS). This phenomenon indicates that building operators and business owners are confused as to what these two systems do.

So, what are the differences between a Building EMS?

A building automation system or building management system is a computer-controlled system-installed in a building that monitors and controls the building’s mechanics, as well as electrical tools such as lighting, ventilation, power systems, security and fire systems.

On the other hand, a building energy management system (EMS) monitors and controls the building’s energy needs which includes heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), lighting or security measures [1]

Key Differences Among Building EMS and BMS 

  • BMS - The BMS is mainly about real time control, it steer control for the OS (Operating System), where it is not made to deal with  data history and data reporting.
  • Building EMS – This system is a reporting and decision-making resource and tool. Business owners have a full dashboard record for energy data, possess the ability to track trends, as well as make critical and informed decisions. 

One key reason it must turn out to be difficult to differentiate among these two systems is because the functions of EMS are currently being added to several building management systems.

The BMS only enables buildings to control its mechanics, without giving the business owners any insights to the building’s energy data. In comparison to the building EMS, business owners or building operators are unable to discern whether the operations within the building systems should be adjusted and the reason behind these key actions. The importance of a building EMS for business owners continue to grow as it optimizes the building’s energy consumption, lowers your OPEX, gain instant ROI, improve your employees’ wellbeing, as well as the overall building performance. 

As energy management becomes increasingly significant to building operators and business owners, SOURCE, an energy performance management system (EPMS) by Plus Xnergy Edge, provides your organization with the ability to manage your energy consumption and convert the building’s energy data into savings. With SOURCE, turn the energy insights within your building into savings and business intelligence. 

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