Product Evangelist, Manager (Marketing Manager - Digital Product)

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Company: Plus Xnergy Edge Technologies, Plus Xnergy Holding

  • Work closely with Business Development Engineer to make sure they have everything they need to turn leads into sales and to do outbound prospecting.
  • Build videos, organize webinars and deliver demos as great performances to show our customers how our solutions can provide value.
  • Recommends the nature and scope of present and future product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements; appraising new product ideas.
  • Determines customers’ needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
  • Assesses market competition by comparing the company’s product to competitors’ products.
  • Provides source data for product line communications by defining product marketing communication objectives.
  • Introduces and markets new products by developing time-integrated plans with sales, advertising, and production.

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