Technology Development Engineer

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Department: Business Development
Company: Plus Xnergy Edge Technologies

1.Develops energy management solutions to problems utilizing formal education, statistical knowledge, and problem-solving tools.
2. Perform data collection for system health check to ensure all energy system are running within specifications.
3. Understanding basic electronic and electrical requirements and apply appropriate method in product design.
4. Understanding requirements of suitable technology and integration with other company products and/or services.
5. Provide technical support for technical issues related to the new solutions deployed.
6. Support in setting up the knowledge base of the new solutions for ease of understanding of organisation members.
7. Provide technical findings and business feasibility studies for newly researched technological products that are relevant to business needs.
8. Work in a team to drive innovation of a product and research on new ways, technological advancement-wise that could assist with improving business operations.


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