Clean Energy, Press Room Media Reports: Reinventing Energy by Embracing Sustainability in Malaysia As a clean energy solutionist with 11 years of experience, we foresee the following trends and initiatives that will reinvent the advancement of renewable energy for 2023 among businesses, utilities and communities. These trends were reported by Disruptive Tech Asia, Energy Asia, The Sun and more.   To ease the impact of climate change, here 19 Jan 2023
Clean Energy, Press Room Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Powers Up Renowned BOH Tea Plantations   4 Oct 2022
Press Room, Press Statements Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Proposes Tax Breaks to Boost RE Adoption Amidst Budget 2023 4 Oct 2022
Clean Energy, Corporate, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog How Solar Will Strengthen Your Corporate ESG Journey 9 Jun 2022
Clean Energy, Corporate, Press Room Interviewed by AWANI Tonight on Clean Energy: How Attractive is Malaysia in Hosting Global Firms  16 Feb 2022


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Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog Why Your Business Should Adopt ESG – To Save Money & Move Into the Future  Despite the ongoing endemic, inflation and shortage of labour, there has been an unwitnessed demand of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors among businesses. While many businesses would term the move towards ESG as the PR move for your company’s reputation, there are business and financial advantages to it for you to consider.   According to 30 Aug 2022
Xnergy Blog, Xnergy Home NEM for Your Home & How You Will Benefit 29 Aug 2022
Clean Energy Blog, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Solar PV System Maintenance  27 Jul 2022
Clean Energy Blog, Xnergy Blog, Xnergy Home Wait, How Legal is Solar for My Home in Malaysia? 28 Jun 2022
Clean Energy, Corporate, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog How Solar Will Strengthen Your Corporate ESG Journey 9 Jun 2022


Uncategorized Types of Solar Panels: What’s the Best? In the wake of the global price hike for polysilicon (raw material used to make solar panels), due to the plant explosions in China, the prices affect the overall timeline of business owners who are the middle of the solar installation process. Furthermore, this spike also comes as the NEM quota ends this December, adding 3 Mar 2022

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