Department Spotlight: Plus  Xnergy  Service - Technical Team

28 Apr 2021

As a clean energy solutionist, we provide our clients with turnkey solutions from engineering design to procurement of material and construction of the system to overall commissioning.

In the season of COVID-19 and updates in policy, all our teams had to adapt to the new norm to deliver to our clients upon the promise. With the fully depleted NEM 2.0 quota weeks ahead of schedule, the rise of NEM 3.0 scheme and the LSS4 project awards, we interviewed our engineers from our technical team to get an overview of how they are preparing a hassle-free customer experience for our clients.

  1. As a team, what would you say has been the most satisfying moment in the past few months?


    • Securing NEM 2.0 Quota Amid Depletion: As a team, the hard work and time spent paid off as we managed to secure the NEM Quota although it depleted within a glance.
    • Results for LSS4: When the government announced the result for LSS4 and we found out that several clients that we helped with their proposal had won the bidding. It made all the long hours preparing for LSS4 tender worth it and boosted the team morale in securing this tender.

2. How about the most common set of challenges you face?     

Team: Staying ahead of the curve. We always want to ensure the design of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system fulfils the technical while also being budget-conscious of our clients’ financial feasibility. 

Technical Team - Central Region

3.  How has the pandemic affected the department? 

 Team: The switch from offline to online: As we needed to work remotely, we prioritised effective communication and positive teamwork. We aimed and still do, to stay above the line by consistent check-ins, positive encouragement through virtual engagements and more. When it came to working with external parties such as local authorities, we needed to adapt to the shift in their schedules, where it meant meetings were postponed because of MCO. In addition, we also saw that because of the pandemic, online submission for applications had increased to ease the process and limit physical contact.

4. What are the factors and qualities that have been found to be important in this industry?

    • Staying Customer-Centric: When we propose a solution to our client, we always make sure that the design makes technical and business sense in terms of dollars and cents to the customer’s needs, the building rooftop and budget.
    • Everything Goes Back to the Environment: The most important aspect of clean energy is the environmental benefits as part of its future. While clean and renewable resources preserve the world's natural resources, they should also not impose any risk of environmental disasters, such as flooding, landslide, fire, etc. Renewable energy should be secure, stable, and accessible to all. That should be the future of developments. In many parts of the world, renewables represent the lowest-cost source of new power generation technology, and costs continue to decline. Especially for cities in the developing world, renewable energy is the only way to expand energy access to all inhabitants, particularly those living in urban slums and informal settlements and in suburban and peri-urban areas.

5. Final Statements?

As clean and sustainable energy use continues to grow in our nation, we look forward to better integration of the generation system and that the solar PV panels will continue to be advanced to help our environment.  

In order to continuously keep up with market trends and the shifts within the industry, the teams in Plus Solar make it a point to deliver turnkey solutions with excellence for your business. Although the pandemic has caused many changes in day-to-day progress, the adoption of clean energy continues to grow exponentially in our nation which showcases that the world is moving fast and we too, must move fast.

We need to continue to reshape, adapt and have faith in the process and each other. This storm will pass and #TheSunWillStillRise.

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