To be a generator of an inclusive, innovative and creative-driven culture.

As part of Plus Xnergy’s mission to be a generator of an inclusive, innovative and creative-driven culture, we have our very own Plus Uni-Verse, an academy by employees for employees. Plus Uni-Verse was established to unleash the leadership within every one of us, through fostering a healthy and empowering culture.

“Uni represents an academy, and Verse means Communication, which are both crucial elements in the success of an organization. Therefore, Plus Uni-Verse is a place to enable talents to stay self-empowered and empower one another, having empathy for others; through the lens of different perspectives and being accountable for all our actions, resulting to a better version of ourselves.
Being Plus Xnergians, we look to our “5 Key Beliefs” as our Northern star to guide us towards a sustainable energy ecosystem in an effective manner. These Key Beliefs, Act Boldly, Can Do, Take Accountability, Open Mind and Fix it, Do it, are not just essential to how we go about our day but how we inject purpose and meaning in all we do in Plus Xnergy.

5 Key Beliefs


I pursue beyond comfort zone

We act boldly towards the goal, without being affected by our limiting beliefs.

I can

Choosing to listen to the voice inside us that says we can, instead of we can’t, to explore new and undiscovered talent.

I stay above the line everyday to deliver Key Results

Take accountability in everything we do, which means having ownership in what we do, how we do it and where to go.

I explore every possibilities

Explore every possibility with an open mind.

I decide and drive solutions timely

Owning a solution-based mindset to fix it, do it.
These Key Beliefs are part and parcel of what we do to that will not only drive us towards success but successfully transform.
All in all, these beliefs make up the inclusive, innovative and creative-driven culture that Plus Uni-Verse provides space for talents, from new hires to senior management officials to grow and shine individually, and therefore, brighten up world, just like how our universe is brightened up by all the stars in the galaxy.”

Oung Wei Jing

Culture Advocate


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