Join Plus Solar in Addressing Global Climate Action Day on the 25th of September

25 Sep 2020

Global Climate Action Day, a movement started by Fridays For Future on the 25th of September, was created to generate awareness and advocate for a lower level of carbon emissions and against the exploitation of nature. 

As a clean energy solutions provider, we wanted to take the time during this significant day to address the topic of energy wastage. Buildings consume nearly 40% of the global energy demand, however, an average building still wastes up to 50% of the energy it consumes. 

With this in mind, business owners can utilise solutions to lower their building energy consumption, but the question is how?

In light of the need for a lower-carbon environment, research and experts continue to point towards clean energy to curb this energy wastage and less dependency on fossil fuels. Furthermore, companies such as Facebook and Verizon have been pivoting towards solar, which showcases how solar is still being seen as a scalable and rapidly deployable solution during this pandemic.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the total global use of renewable energy (RE) is estimated to rise by about 1% in 2020. Despite the supply chain disruptions that have caused the installation of RE to delay, the expansion of solar, wind and hydropower is expected to help renewable electricity generation to rise by nearly 5% in 2020. While this growth was smaller than the predictions made before COVID-19, RE is expected to grow, making renewables the most resilient source to the pandemic. 

Singled out by the UN, clean energy has been identified to lower the current level of greenhouse emissions that will not only curb the upcoming effects of climate change but provide more affordable energy for communities. As energy contributes 60% to the current level of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), many corporations and businesses have committed to minimising their carbon footprint as much as possible, with clean energy. In the form of solar and wind, clean energy does not emit any associated air pollution emissions, therefore making them a sustainable, convenient and forward-thinking approach to accessing a basic human need with no impact on the environment.

Sustainable initiatives such as the implementation of clean energy will be a key factor for businesses to move forward as the environmental impact of climate change continues to wage on.

As organisations, we can start standing up to the effects of climate change by making small adjustments such as minimising our daily use of paper, plastic and aluminium, or just even staying informed of how companies have implemented the United Nations-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Let us stop the effects of climate change and let us do it together. 

Join Plus Solar in recognising Global Climate Action Day as we work towards lowering the global carbon footprint for a better future.


Editor’s Note: With our mission to fundamentally change the way the average user consumes and reshapes energy, one community at a time, we commit ourselves to ensure our customers can thrive with the supply of clean energy.

To fulfil society’s every need for clean energy, Plus Solar provides clean energy solutions integrated with a state-of-the-art technology approach and cost-effective financing options.


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