Mah Sing Plastics Inks RM12 Mil Renewable Energy Deal With Plus Solar

25 Nov 2020

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th November 2020: One of Malaysia’s largest producer of material
handling products, Mah Sing Plastics Industries (MSPI) has awarded a RM12 million solar
photovoltaic (PV) installation project to leading clean energy provider, Plus Solar Systems Sdn
Bhd (Plus Solar), to outfit MSPI’s smart factory in Klang.
MSPI is fast-tracking the implementation of their sustainable manufacturing agenda. This is in
line with the Budget 2021 focus on sustainability as one of its four broad themes. The first phase
of PV installations was completed in 2020 and has gained savings of 7% per annum in
electricity bills. The second phase of PV installations will commence early 2021.

Full return on investments can be expected within four years for MSPI’s Phase 2 solar PV installations.

“The Malaysian government’s incentives for sustainability has made it much easier for
companies like MSPI to move towards renewable energy through solutions like PV installations.
“The Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) allows us to claim 100% of this investment upon
filing our tax submissions.
“This effectively works out to be a 24% savings based on the given corporate tax rate. With
GITA, the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme and the monthly savings on electricity bills, we
anticipate that this PV installation will pay for itself in 4 years. The quick rate of return makes this
a really sound investment,” said Executive Director of Mah Sing Plastics Industries Lee Foo

“Plus Solar has proven to be one of the strongest energy partners to work with. Their
consultative approach, high levels of professionalism and vast body of experience has made our
transition to sustainable energy a very smooth journey.
“The team has been a pleasure to work with; they are very driven and more importantly, provide
prompt and efficient customer service,” Lee further added.
The partnership with Plus Solar will bring MSPI closer to their Environmental, Social and
Corporate Governance (ESG) goals which aligned with their sustainable manufacturing agenda.
With their plastic products, MSPI aims to have lower environmental impact in every phase of
their life cycle which includes production, distribution, transportation, waste collection, treatment
and end-of-life disposal.
“We are proud to have earned the trust of Mah Sing Plastics, and to be a part of their transition
towards clean energy," said Ko Chuan Zhen, CEO and founder of Plus Solar Systems Sdn. Bhd.
He also says that Plus Solar is continually building their total installed capacity, with plans of
overseas expansion. He adds that these partnerships are a part of their larger agenda of driving
the next energy revolution.
“Mah Sing’s multiple investments into clean energy is expected to offset a total of 2,936 metric
tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to planting 14,680 trees. This is a step in the right direction
for all corporates aiming to embrace sustainability as one of their core competencies,” Ko further
Additionally, with the right investments in machines, cloud computing and analytics, Mah Sing
Plastics is fast-tracking its implementation of becoming a Smart Factory in the years to come.
“MSPI has leveraged technology and digitalization to improve operational efficiency, which includes
automation to improve quality checks. With our further planned adoption of IR4.0, we strive to stay
competitive by converting our facilities to smart factories,” says Lee.


Plus Solar Systems Sdn Bhd is the nation’s leading total clean energy solutions company with a track
record of over 200MWp. Driven by the vision of transforming the electricity consumption pattern of people
through the Energy Trilogy, which consists of Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage,
Plus Solar Systems was established in 2013 to provide turnkey solutions-engineering, procurement,
construction and commissioning (EPCC) services to fulfil the current needs of the market.
In 2015, it subsequently developed a solar farm as an investor. As a total clean energy solutions provider,
it provides integrated solutions with state-of-the-art technology systems and cost-effective financing
options to fulfil society’s every need of clean energy. Today, Plus Solar has offices in Kuala Lumpur,
Penang, Johor and Perak. It has repeatedly received recognition as a reputable award-winning brand,
clinching these coveted title such as the: Gen. T Asia List 2020, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Malaysia –
Emerging Entrepreneur 2019 and the Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA)'s Young Entrepreneur of
the Year 2019 amongst others

About Mah Sing Plastics
Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd. (MSPI) was incorporated in Malaysia in 1979 and is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Mah Sing Group Bhd., a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa
Mah Sing Plastics is a market leader in plastic pallets, offering a range of pallets suitable for a wide range
of use including in the food and beverage, electronic and electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical, paper
and printing industries. The pallets are lightweight, safe and easy to handle and cost effective.
Its manufacturing processes strictly adhere to the code of good manufacturing practices and quality
control programs. MSPI has been ISO9001 certified since June 2000 and ISO14001 certified since March
MSPI is also certified by customers as an Eco-Partner affiliate company which fulfils the standards for
control of substances with environmental impact within products and has established a stable
environmental quality control system.

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