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Spearhead energy independence for your organisation with energy storage.


To build a more sustainable ecosystem, energy storage is essential for storing energy produced by your property and can even offer integrated energy conversion. Make full use of your investment and maximise business value by implementing intelligence with this solution.

Applications of Battery Storage for Your Business

As the world evolves and business models continuously need to be adapted, we understand your need to make the most suitable choices for your business.

To aid you in obtaining a battery storage system that is the best fit for you, we provide end-to-end services from the preliminary study to cost-benefit analysis and outfitting your project that’s built to return optimum value from your investments.


Spinning Reserve Displacement

As turbines within require high energy consumption to continue spinning, implementing battery storage will reduce the overall energy consumption of the reserve. In the event of low energy supply, battery storage can discharge the necessary energy for smoother operation.

Control of Solar PV Production Ramp / Ramp Rate Control

As grids tend to not absorb large variations of renewable generation, by having battery storage, the system will smoothen solar energy generation and strengthen the grid.

Peak Shaving

When the energy demand is high, your battery storage system undergoes “peak shaving” which is designed to prevent bottlenecks and relieve the grid. Through this, not only will your business have stable energy, but lower your Maximum Demand (MD) charges.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Take advantage of the UPS mode in the event of a power cut, the system will provide backup power for your critical equipment to shut down gracefully or long enough to keep these loads operational until the generator comes online.

Suitable for Off-Grid & Microgrid

Battery storage is well suited for off-grid, especially in remote areas which are virtually limited such as remote mines, communication or industrial sites.
This system will enable your sites to reduce the energy cost per unit, especially if the systems rely on diesel generators.
In addition, battery storage is also suitable in enabling microgrids to provide grid backup or off-grid power to meet local electricity needs.


Solar Self-Consumption

Battery storage enables you to store surplus energy for your home during the day and use it at night. If your system is not under the utility that offers net energy metering and is under self-consumption, this is a great option.

Suitable for Off-Grid

Battery storage is well suited for off-grid, especially in remote residential areas which are virtually limited. This system will enable your sites to not be dependent on the grid for electricity. Moreover, these systems are easier to install, configure, more scalable and not to mention, more affordable.

Emergency Power Supply

In the event of the blackout, rest assured as energy storage works with or without solar energy. The power will continue operating during an outage.
With the integration of the battery storage system, it can be customised to suit energy consumption needs which includes:
  • Reducing Maximum Demand (MD) charges
  • Providing back-up supply
  • Improving the effectiveness of the microgrid
Through these solutions, you can maximise your business value while implementing intelligence.


To further enhance the energy security and reliability, energy storage system is an ideal choice alongside your PV system to ensure sustainable energy in the long run.

Better Use of Solar

Battery storage system stores excess power that can be used whenever you need it, especially on days when your solar photovoltaic (PV) system does not produce as much desired power.

Emergency Backup

Have a peace of mind when your energy storage system provides resilience during blackouts.

Lower Your Energy Bill

By storing low-cost energy and using it when needed, you will be saving on the cost of electricity offsetting peak periods with higher electricity rates.

Eligible for Tax Allowances

By investing in clean energy, you can be eligible for the Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) of up to 24%.* Learn how to apply for this when you give us a call.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Save energy for times when you need it the most. By having an energy storage system, you are enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of the grid while helping to offset carbon emissions.

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