We have established +SOLAR Academy!

3 Apr 2018

Holding the vision of ‘Driving the World towards clean and sustainable energy for a better future’, we have established +SOLAR Academy, our CSR arm to reach out to the community and make a difference to the society.

We understand a lot of millennial are confuse and struggle on where their future is heading to. Therefore, Plus Solar is introducing +SOLAR National Conference, a conference which open a door and introducing sustainable energy industry to all universities students.

There are totally 4 focuses in this event, which including
1. the energy issues in the energy industry, 
2. the current solutions in this industry
3. the market trends, and
4. the career prospects

With all these focuses, we hope the seeds that we have planted in youngster's heart will one day unleash the passion of students in making a difference, especially in sustainable energy industry.

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