Featured by Focus Malaysia: [Plus Solar] foresees no impact on operations due to COVID-19 in short run

25 Feb 2020

As the spread of Covid-19 continues to gain traction online and offline, recent reports state that the virus may have a possible effect on business operations within the renewable energy sector. The recent interest is also due to the fact that the employees within the production line have been quarantined and are unable to return to work until further notice.

With the ongoing statements of the potential spike in prices of solar panels, questions have been raised on how this stop in production will affect the industry players. As such, we were featured by Bernama, Focus Malaysia, Utusan Sarawak, Borneo Post Kuching, Borneo Post (KK), Daily Express KK and New Sarawak Tribune for our commentary on the virus which has captured the attention of the world.

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Solar installation company [Plus Solar Systems Sdn Bhd] foresees no impact on its business operations due to Covid-19 in the short run, even though most of its solar photovoltaic panels were imported from China.

Chief executive officer and co-founder Ko Chuan Zhen said however, [Plus Solar]’s business, as well as those of others in multiple sectors, may be affected in the long run, if the situation does not improve.

“Thankfully, we have ordered in enough (solar photovoltaic panels) to tide us over for the next few months, (so) it will not cause any disruption to our business flow.

“We are not sure about the next few months as these challenges were unknown, as we do not know how this virus will develop further and its impact other industries,” he told Bernama in an interview recently.

It was reported that the Covid-19 outbreak in China could raise solar module prices in the near term, as manufacturers have begun experiencing wafer and solar glass shortages, with the employees being quarantined and unable to return to work on the production lines.

To date, Covid-19 has infected more than 72,000 people and claimed more than 2,000 lives, mostly in China, while Malaysia has reported 22 cases.


Original Source: Bernama Online

Author: Nurunnasihah Ahmad Rashid

Photo Credit: Plus Solar

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Disclaimer: The contents of the reposted article have been edited to represent Plus Solar’s brand and services to its truest nature.

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