Featured by The Star: Plus Solar revenue surges to RM150m

7 Apr 2020

As COVID-19 continues to cause an economic downturn, business owners are facing the challenge in finding solutions to shave off their corporate expenses. In order to minimise your bottom-line expenses, solar energy solutions enable you to not only be cost effective but increase corporate cashflow during this time. With energy being an essential for every business, we were recently featured by The Star, Bernama, Malay Mail, Business Today and Focus Malaysia for our financial performance and our solutions to assist companies to boost their savings.

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KUALA LUMPUR: Plus Solar, the nation’s renewable energy solution provider, has achieved RM150mil in revenue for the financial year (FY) ended March 2020, which was a 134% increase from RM64mil in FY 2019.

Its chief executive officer and co-founder Ko Chuan Zhen said an increase of awareness notably from manufacturers saw many adopted solar energy as they realised the cost savings that would ultimately translate into better cash flow.

"We have also worked closely with financial institutions to offer attractive repayment schemes so it makes good business and financial sense for corporations to adopt clean energy, ” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company has experienced a phenomenal year-on-year growth, fuelled by the strong market demand from the manufacturing, commercial and industrial sector, which makes up nearly half of Plus Solar’s business. "

Instrumental to the revenue jump is the execution of a large scale solar (LSS) project which contributed 50 per cent of its revenue growth.

As an engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) service provider, Plus Solar said the LSS projects completed by the company are [able to reduce the level of CO2] emissions to 37,171.58 tC02e per year.

On the current market condition, Ko said the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses across all industries.

"As businesses struggle to keep afloat - the main concern will be on sustaining their top line; revenue and sales. While they may not be able to control the volatility within their respective industries, they must look at cutting the bottom line - expenses.

"This is something that businesses should begin to rethink. Electricity remains a top-three expense for many businesses. Here, solar energy has proven to be a real contributor to cost-efficient savings where investments can be recouped in three to four years whilst shaving off up to 50 percent of operational costs, ” he said.

Plus Solar he said, is ready to assist the manufacturing, commercial and industrial sector as well as business owners who are keen to maximise bottom-line savings by pinpointing leakages in terms of where energy could be better channelled and how cost savings can be really met.

"Many business owners cannot grasp the return on investment on solar solutions, and this is where we are happy to speak to them to educate and share both the technicalities of solar for their business and its returns, as well as affordable financial packages - so they too can gain access to reducing their bottom line, ” he said. - Bernama

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Disclaimer: The contents of the reposted article have been edited to represent Plus Solar’s brand and services to its truest nature.

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