Five (5) Benefits of Rent-to-Own Solar for Your Home

6 Apr 2022

With the ongoing inflation worldwide and locally, more affordable solutions are being sought after by consumers to conserve cash flow for their households. As we adjust to the endemic phase, hybrid work arrangements continue to rise, as well as household expenses, with electricity bills being one of them. In light of the rise in energy bills from 20% to 50% since the pandemic started, solar energy has been identified as an energy-saving and bill-saving solution for homeowners. 

As Hari Raya is just around the corner and electricity generation is bound to increase for your home with the use of decorative lamps, learn how you can reap full benefits from the rent-to-own solar program and make full use of it for your home with these benefits as highlighted below: 

1. Save Up to 90% of Your Monthly Energy Bills 

One of the primary reasons homeowners are adopting home solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is because they can help save money on month-to-month service bills. Clean energy enables you to enjoy up to 90% of your energy bills in the next month once the system has been installed.  

The forthright expense of having a home solar system installation might be overwhelming for certain house owners right away, however, with rent-to-own solar packages, your household no longer needs to worry about the upfront cash or bank loans needed, leaving more cashflow to spend.  

While the festive season increases household spending, especially when it comes to energy bills, be rest assured that clean energy will lower the electricity costs for your home. 

2. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is Covered 

One of the most common misconceptions about solar energy is that there is very high maintenance, and comes with an extra charge. However, this is not the case as holistic solar providers will provide you with packages bound to cover technical difficulties, cleaning and more!  

Be sure to check with your solutionist to ensure the maintenance factors below are included in your package when you sign up for the system or if they incur any additional charges.   

  • Remote Monitoring of the Energy Generated by Your System  
  • Product Warranties  
  • Defect(s) Liability Period (DLP)  
  • Preventive Maintenance & Solar Panel Cleaning   

Make sure your maintenance warranties cover inverters, cleaning of solar panels, preventive, workmanship and equipment costs. While there are providers who assure you of the maintenance warranties for the solar PV panels on top of an affordable price for solar for home, keep the rest of your system and these factors in mind as an inclusive maintenance warranty is necessary to save you from paying a lot more. 

3. Positive ROI Within a Short Period Due to the Current Clean Energy Policy 

The existing policies such as the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rakyat scheme is set out to benefit home solar PV system owners in many ways where the excess energy generated from the solar PV system will be exported to the national grid to offset your TNB bill on a one-to-one basis per kWh unit.  

Malaysia is in a strategic geographical location to generate solar energy as it is closer to the equator and has high peak sun hours. Take advantage of this opportunity presented through the scheme to gain affordable and sustainable energy, as well as positive ROI from a natural resource instead of paying high electricity bills. 

To learn more about this scheme, visit our Policy page. 

4. Lower Your Carbon Footprint 

Using the force of the sun to generate energy for your house is most certainly better for the climate in comparison to conventional power sources which are liable for thinning the ozone layer, contamination of air and water, as well as other harmful materials that contribute to natural disasters which have increased over five (5) times in the past 50 years.  

By adopting clean energy now, the rent-to-own solar PV system is the initial step to aiding the climate while conserving more cash to spend on your home. As solar energy does not emit any carbon emissions, it is not just a more sustainable power resource for homeowners but also a way to contribute to a lower-carbon environment. 

5. Increase Property Value   

The benefits of solar energy do not just stop at lowering your electricity bills but expand the worth of your property if you end up selling the property in the future. Indeed, it pays to plan as the system will add up to the resale worth of your home altogether.  

In the United States, the installation of solar PV panels can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4.1% in comparison to houses with no solar PV systems, signaling that it’s only a matter of time before this increase in property value soars in Malaysia as well.  

The Future of Your Solar-Powered Home 

While the festive season is a great time to utilize solar to optimize your electricity bills, these long-term benefits are bound to benefit your home in the long run, as well as keep cash flowing within your household and contribute to a greener future for all. 

Reap the benefits of affordable solar energy when you sign up for Xnergy Home’s rent-to-own solar packages as low as RM398 per month for a 5-year period. With the uprising trend of subscription businesses which have collectively increased over 300% globally since 2012, the shift in purchasing has shifted from merely just owning a product to renting a product. 

Xnergy Home enables you to jump on this rental bandwagon where you would be getting lower energy bills and become a part of an industry that has an immense market potential of over 4 million landed house rooftops that can be converted into solar power! 

Plus Xnergy takes care of everything once payment has been made, where you can enjoy the end-to-end installation and our inclusive maintenance services of 5 years which include the labor, cleaning of panels, preventive checking, workmanship and equipment. Not only can you enjoy a hassle-free solar journey, Xnergy Home provides you with savings of up to 90% of your monthly energy bill which do not require any upfront cash or bank loan! If you are interested in learning more about home solar panels system and cost, contact us at [email protected]      

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