All You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own Solar Installation & Aftercare

17 Mar 2022

“Wait, rent-to-own solar PV systems need maintenance? Do I need to pay extra?” 

“What happens after I sign the solar contract?” 

“What maintenance is required for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems?” 

The idea of a solar-powered home has become more normalized these days, as an essential resource of energy and a way to make long-term environmental contributions. However, one of the main concerns consumers have about implementing clean energy for their homes is the installation and maintenance concerns that come with it. 

With just the right amount of servicing and care, your solar PV system should be in great hands and saves you time, energy and cost. As we understand these thoughts ourselves and prioritize growing consumer awareness, here are a few things that you need to know about the solar installation process and aftercare.  

  1. What Happens After Signing the Solar Contract: Before & During the Solar Installation Process  

  1. Post-Installation & After-Sales Services: What’s Next for Your Solar PV System? 

  1. Customer Satisfaction 

What Happens After Signing the Solar Contract: Before & During the Solar Installation Process  

Now that you’ve signed up to invest in solar power for your home, you might be wondering what’s next. Your clean energy solutionist will work on getting your system ready, which begins with submitting your clean energy applications for the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rakyat scheme and to the local authorities (SEDA Malaysia and your electricity distribution provider) to ensure your home solar PV system gets the necessary approvals before the installation of your solar PV system. 

Once these local authorities have approved your solar PV applications, the installation of your system can now begin! You will receive a call to inform you of the system installation date, as well as the implementation of the NEM meter by your electricity distribution provider.  

All you need to do after signing and making the first payment is to wait for the system installation to begin and your solutionist will take care of the rest!  

Post-Installation & After-Sales Services: What’s Next for Your Solar PV System? 

Your system is complete! Before you take a huge sigh of relief, be sure to check with your clean energy solutionist about the after-sales maintenance services which includes the following:  

  • Remote Monitoring of the Energy Generated by Your System  
  • Product Warranties  
  • Defect(s) Liability Period (DLP)  
  • Preventive Maintenance Service & Solar Panel Cleaning   

As an owner of the solar PV system, it is important to ensure with your solutionist that the above factors of the maintenance are included in your package when you sign up for the system or if they incur any additional charges.  

Make sure your maintenance warranties cover inverters, cleaning of solar panels, preventive, workmanship and equipment costs. While there are providers who assure you of the maintenance warranties for the solar PV panels on top of an affordable price for solar for home, keep the rest of your system and these factors in mind as an inclusive maintenance warranty is necessary to save you from paying a lot more. 

Inclusive maintenance service for the solar PV system is crucial to the overall condition of the system, as well as your investment so you can enjoy the benefits of claiming for repairs and material replacement. For clients who have opted to subscribe to one-of-a-kind rent-to-own solar programs, namely our Xnergy Home, we offer our clients 5 years of inclusive maintenance services that do not come with additional charges.

Customer Satisfaction 

Now, after knowing more about the installation process, its maintenance, it’s time to sit back, relax and watch your energy bills reduce! Stay worry-free about your solar PV system by contacting your solutionist should any concerns come up. 

The aftercare processes can seem like a drag which is why our services range from remote monitoring of the system to preventive maintenance are all provided to ensure your solar journey remains hassle-free.  

By signing up for Xnergy Home’s rent-to-own packages as low as RM398 per month, we take care of everything once payment has been made, where you can enjoy the end-to-end installation and our inclusive maintenance services of 5 years which include the labor, cleaning of panels, preventive checking, workmanship and equipment. Not only can you enjoy a hassle-free solar journey, Xnergy Home provides you with savings of up to 90% of your monthly energy bill which do not require any upfront cash or bank loan! If you are interested in learning more about home solar panels system & cost, contact us at [email protected]   


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