Impactful Energy Solution

2 Aug 2015

+SOLAR was set up in 2013 to offer turnkey solar photovoltaics (PV) solutions, It aimed to be a leader in the renewable energy revolution, emphasizing operational, marketing and technological innovations.

Its market offering includes the introduction of cutting-edge energy generation, energy savings and energy storage solutions at a premium value and affordable costs.

“+SOLAR has enjoyed its fair share of success. We have worked on more than 26 MWp of solar PV Systems of various application, from industrial sector to the commercial and residential sector,” says Ko Chuan Zhen, one of the co-founders of +SOLAR.

“This is thanks to our young and passionate team who shares the common vision of revolutionising the energy distribution climate in Malaysia.”

“Like many start-up companies, we actively seek new talents who share our vision and want join our team of passionate and enthused young professionals,” says Poh Tyng Huei, another co-founder of +SOLAR.

With the introduction of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) policy and price drop of solar PV modules, it makes economic sense to own a solar PV system. Under the FiT policy, owners of a solar PV system are eligible to sell the energy generated from the system to their local utility company at a subsidized tariff.

To most people, this means that the investment made on the solar PV system can be an additional sustainable stream of revenue for the family.

On top of that, the price of solar PV modules has dropped by more than 50% compared to 10 years ago, making it a very attractive and accessible investment opportunity for most people.

“I thought these reasons were enough to convince someone to get a solar PV system until I met clients with different points of view. One of our clients installed a solar PV system to teach his children the importance of both sustainable living and investment,” says Poh.

On the other hand, for commercial and industrial owner, the 15% return of investment allows them to benefit from this relatively low risk investment that is less susceptible to economic fluctuations.

“We are currently devising several innovations to cater to a larger market of energy users, including a platform for energy conservation,” says Poh.

He adds that these new products can help cut down a building’s energy consumption by at least 10%, which will benefit building owners. While it is important to expand market reach, each corporation has a fundamental social responsibility to contribute to the community.

“We actively collaborate with education institutions such as Multimedia University to drive participation in seminars for sustainability-related topics as one of our corporate social responsibility initiatives,” says Ko.

+SOLAR is also actively engaged in corporate social responsibility programmes that help set up rooftop solar PV systems for educational institutions.

“One of the most important pillars of +SOLAR is to be involved in community energy sharing,” says Poh.

“As a renewable energy company, it is up to us to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable living among our next generation,” he says.

Industrial, commercial or non-profit institutions that are interested in leasing the roofs of their buildings are invited to get in touch with +SOLAR to see how they can not only reap financial rewards, but also contribute to the environment and the next generation.

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