Plus Solar & UOB MY Look to Increase the Adoption of Clean Energy in Malaysia

4 Nov 2019

Recently, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UOB Malaysia, marking the beginning of our green partnership to catalyse the transformation of business owners to clean energy. Witnessed by YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin(杨美盈) from Kementerian Tenaga, Sains, Teknologi, Alam Sekitar dan Perubahan Iklim (MESTECC), this launch will contain marketing efforts and financing solutions, especially UOB’s U-Solar Programme - provides businesses with green financing to reduce the upfront investment for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

According to YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin (杨美盈), the partnership which contains numerous efforts from solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms, is a collective win for everyone. “It is a win for the government, win for industry players and a win for consumers”, she stated in response to the ceremony.  Witnessing this ceremony was Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in support of driving the nation’s sustainable development.

For business owners who are interested in installing a solar PV system, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of this green partnership such as an increased level of engagement in the commercial and industrial sector, a reduced level of carbon emissions, green financing and an enhanced brand image.

U-Solar, Asia’s first integrated solar energy platform, connects consumers to solar service providers. Together with UOB, we will be making your switch to renewable energy an effortless process. As we understand the challenges that business owners face in investing in solar PV panel systems, our partnership with UOB Malaysia is the beginning of our dedication to ensuring the end-user truly benefits from solar energy.

We are continuously working on driving the nation towards sustainability.  As the nation’s leading clean energy solutions provider, we pride ourselves on enabling innovation, ever-evolving technology and passion for a more sustainable ecosystem.

For more information on our collaboration with UOB Malaysia, our EPCC services or the benefits you can receive when you invest in solar energy, visit our homepage or contact us today at [email protected]

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