Clean Energy, Press Room Plus Xnergy Looks Forward to Green Initiatives in Budget 2023   The revised Budget 2023 was driven to advance the average Malaysian income and obtain greater work opportunities. However, with one of the main determinations being an inclusive and sustainable economic drive, Budget 2023 puts the people first with sustainability in mind.   With Malaysia’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions standing at 0.69%, the budget proposal focusing on 2 Mar 2023
Press Room, Press Statements Plus Xnergy & Huawei Partner Up to Build a Smart Energy Ecosystem for Businesses and Homes 17 Feb 2023
Clean Energy, Press Room Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Powers Up Renowned BOH Tea Plantations   4 Oct 2022
Press Room, Press Statements Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Proposes Tax Breaks to Boost RE Adoption Amidst Budget 2023 4 Oct 2022
Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog Why Your Business Should Adopt ESG – To Save Money & Move Into the Future  30 Aug 2022
Clean Energy Blog, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Solar PV System Maintenance  27 Jul 2022
Clean Energy, Corporate, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog How Solar Will Strengthen Your Corporate ESG Journey 9 Jun 2022
Clean Energy Blog, Corporate Blog, Xnergy Blog What is Solar PPA and Why Does Your Business Need it?  9 Mar 2022
Corporate, Corporate Blog New NEM NOVA Quota of 300MW Available From 15 Nov 2021: What You Need to Know 11 Nov 2021
Clean Energy, Press Room Plus Solar in the News: NEM 3.0 to be Better if Quota Allocation was Revised Upwards to 1GW 26 Feb 2021


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