Clean Energy, Corporate, Press Room, Tech Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Shares Budget 2022 Wishes With Bernama Thank you, Bernama, for featuring our suggestions for a greener and cleaner Malaysia. We shared how the clean energy industry can move forward towards achieving its RE goals of 31% by 2025 by making solar more affordable for businesses, utilities and consumers. These wishes were also reported by Borneo Post Kuching, Borneo Post KK and 14 Oct 2021
Clean Energy, Corporate, Press Room Plus Xnergy Collaborates With Yinson to Provide Solutions for Your Businesses 1 Sep 2021
Clean Energy, Corporate, Press Room Media Reports: Plus Xnergy Introduces Solar Rent-to-Own Programme for Malaysian Households 27 Aug 2021
Corporate, Press Room Interviewed by The Edge: Investing in Solutions 5 Aug 2021
Press Room, Press Statements Media Reports: Kawan Food Invests RM7.28 Million in Solar & AIoT With Plus Xnergy 8 Jul 2021


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Xnergy Blog Why Energy IoT Management Systems Will Benefit Your Business Business has been anything but usual in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic. With the ongoing need to cut business OPEX, move towards digitalization and maximize productivity within the organization, it is easy to wonder, “Is there a simple solution that can help me achieve these goals?” As a business committed to helping other 30 Jan 2021
Tech Blog How Owning an Energy Performance Management System EPMS) Will Benefit Your Organization 25 Dec 2020
Tech Blog Building Energy Management System Vs. Building Management System – What is the Difference? 18 Dec 2020
Corporate Blog Plus Solar Speaks at American Express’s WIN Virtual Conference 2020 27 Nov 2020
Tech Blog How to Save OPEX Through Real Time Energy Data 25 Nov 2020

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