Benefits of Solar for Your Business

13 Aug 2020

Solar energy has been proven time and time again to provide financial and long-term benefits for businesses, communities, and the general global population. Benefits are lower operational costs, tax allowances depending on the governmental policies, long term performance, reliability of solar panels, and a lower carbon footprint. Even with the current pandemic, businesses are still looking to invest in long-term solutions that curb the rise of their fixed operational expenditure as well as maintain or enhance the company’s brand image.

1)     Reduce Your Operational Costs by 50%*

As clean energy is no longer a stranger to the nation, local authorities have released strategies and initiatives to encourage a higher uptake of solar within the business community. With these initiatives such as tax allowances: Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA), Capital Allowance (CA) and more, business owners are able to achieve lower operational costs as solar energy has enabled a reduction of 50%* off their electricity bills. In light of the economic effects of COVID-19, business owners are continuously looking for ways to cut their bottom-line expenses and solar enables you to do just that.

2)    Solar Panels are Constantly Evolving

Due to the advancement of technology and the increase in demand, the price of solar panels has become more affordable. In addition, due to the massive global adoption of solar PV systems, manufacturing costs have lowered, contributing to the affordability. As such, solar has become more accessible to individuals in terms of pricing, investments and green financing solutions. To bridge the gap in accessibility, financial institutions are increasingly highlighting and building upon their green financing solutions, to provide more accessibility for businesses to invest in clean energy.

3)    Lower Your Carbon Footprint

In light of the need for a lower carbon environment, experts continue to urge the need for more clean energy options and less dependency on fossil fuels. As such, solar energy has emerged as a scalable and rapidly deployable. In time to come, sustainability initiatives such as the implementation of clean energy will be a key factor for businesses to move forward as the environmental impact of climate change continues to wage on.

4)     Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

In order to ensure your solar PV system continues to generate optimum energy as much as possible, it is important to emphasize the operation and maintenance (O&M) service that comes with investing in solar. As solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have a power output warranty of 25 years, businesses would want to future-proof their investment. If the system were to undergo technical difficulties or need a change in parts, as a service provider we provide comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) services.

With all these benefits that solar energy has provided to businesses, it is important to ensure you work with a service provider that understands your consumption needs as well as how to optimize the solar PV systems in the long run. Buildings consume nearly 40% of the global energy demand, however, an average building still wastes up to 50% of the energy it consumes.

Recognising that buildings consume a large portion of the global energy consumption; the business abides by the Energy Trilogy which consists of Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage. The founders of the business were inspired to provide a variety of solutions in the form of solar PV systems and energy efficiency solutions. In addition to installing solar PV systems that fulfill the Energy Generation concept, the business satisfies its Energy Efficiency concept by incorporating smart energy management solutions that further improve the user’s energy consumption through its technological development division.

In order to sustain the customer’s energy data and improve overall performance, the business improves the building’s energy with SOURCE, an AIoT energy performance ecosystem that turns your energy insights into savings and business intelligence. For more on SOURCE, visit the website.



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