Plus Solar Speaks at American Express’s WIN Virtual Conference 2020

27 Nov 2020

According to a global survey by American Express in honour of the International Women’s Day 2020, only 31% of women are proud to call themselves ambitious. As such, in order to tackle this phenomenon, Ko Chuan Zhen, our CEO and Co-Founder, was invited by American Express’s Women Interest Network (WIN) Virtual Conference 2020 to share more on his entrepreneurship journey, sustaining one’s true passion and more. He joined Bella Kuan, ambassador for Lululemon Malaysia, Co-Founder of Handmade Heroes and Jenn Low, Managing Director of Wanderlust+co in a session titled, “Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse”.

In this conference, professionals were able to learn more about how they can focus and explore their relationship with ambition. As a clean energy solutionist, Plus Solar is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and healthy workplace. In fact, it is our mission to build a positive environment for talents to grow, innovate and impact the energy revolution, and that includes creating better gender balance.

The renewable energy (RE) industry has shown potential for business owners to achieve gender balance. According to IRENA - The seventh edition of Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review, RE jobs have shown more inclusion and a better gender balance than fossil fuels. The report highlights that women held 32 per cent of total renewables jobs, as opposed to 21 per cent in fossil fuels sectors.

Based on insights from industry leaders and research, the RE industry shows to be promising in terms of gender balance. While the race to an inclusive environment continues, Plus Solar is always working on a gender balance in our very own organization and we encourage businesses to become part of this journey.

Join Plus Solar in making the business environment as well as the industry a more inclusive place for women to work in. 

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