Why Energy IoT Management Systems Will Benefit Your Business

30 Jan 2021

Business has been anything but usual in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic. With the ongoing need to cut business OPEX, move towards digitalization and maximize productivity within the organization, it is easy to wonder, “Is there a simple solution that can help me achieve these goals?”

As a business committed to helping other businesses achieve optimum energy savings, we have seen our clients benefit from Energy IoT- the implementation of IoT technology into the power systems of the buildings to optimize the efficiency of power infrastructure and decreases the energy wastage. This means that Energy IoT will connect and exchange the energy data within your building and send it to the cloud to enable your building’s energy to run in an efficient manner. With Energy IoT management systems, our clients have gained up to 25%* energy savings, lowered their carbon footprint, increased business performance. Find out how Energy IoT works for your business and the benefits it will bring:

How Does Energy IoT Work?

It is achieved by a network of sensors that have several applications, such as energy monitoring and demand-side Energy IoT. Devices with IoT features will to help to balance the power demand within your buildings. Consumers who are using it at off-peak times will save them big money.

Advantages of Energy IoT Management Systems

IoT allows process automation and functional efficiency in every industry such as retail, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, energy. IoT apps in the power sector grow special attention from
users, businesses, and even among. Apart from the number of advantages to the energy supply chain, Energy IoT management systems give way to new smart grids that promise unprecedented savings, enhanced security, and improved efficiency. Energy IoT management systems have a wide range of advantages for all parts of the energy supply chain network, from power generation to the point when users pay their energy bills.

Features of the IoT apps include:

  • Automated Processes
  • Decrease in energy Bills
  • Establish Health Use of Energy
  • Optimize Preservation of Your Building Equipment
  • Gain Visibility of Energy Consumption
  • Cut Operational Costs
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

In order to equip your business with energy IoT and drive it towards digitalisation, the Smart
Automation Grant and Intervention fund (SAG) was launched by MITI to
encourage the adoption of automation for business owners and service
providers. This grant is awarded on a matching basis or 50% of total
eligible expenditures of up to maximum grant cap of RM1mil per
company. One of the SAG qualifications include meeting one of the
committed deliverables such as reducing man hours, an increase in
production volume and more. Learn how your business can qualify for SAG
through applications such as SOURCE, an energy performance
management system (EPMS).

Contact [email protected] to learn more about this grant and how SOURCE will get you
started on your journey towards digitalisation.

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