Dare to Realise Dreams, Dare to Think Differently

17 Jan 2020

Plus Solar returns to The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)’s stage, as Ko Chuan Zhen, our CEO and Co-Founder was named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019! From clinching the title of the Grand Winner of the Rising Star in 2015 and Most Promising Business Award in 2017, to our recent title, we only have hard work, perseverance, innovation and most of all, teamwork to thank.

The Entrepreneur of the Year award is rewarded to the most outstanding entrepreneur that has driven her/his company with vision, innovation and farsightedness. When applicants apply for this award, the judges will consider the factors of corporate vision, track record of entrepreneurship, financial performance, innovation, leadership, human capital management and engagement in CSR activities.

Ko was selected as he fit the criteria of demonstrating exemplary management and leadership skills, with the company under his leadership, achieving an admirable and profitable track record. He stated that the mission to drive the world towards clean and sustainable energy played a key role in this win.

This recognition also reminds us of our journey, constant innovation and how perseverance is an integral part of Plus Solar’s talents. Since our inception in 2013, Plus Solar began with a vision, sheer passion and the determination to evolve the conventional energy consumption pattern. Founded by Ko, Ryan Oh Zhi Kang and Poh Tyng Huei, the company started with a total of RM 100,000, which was the amount of nearly their entire savings. The founders invested in a few second-hand tables, laptops and began to work. As most of their savings went to the business, its capital began to fall short. In order to ensure the business could thrive, the founders made financial adjustments to their everyday life such as spending RM2.5 on lunch.

Eventually, with ever-evolving industry knowledge, high quality customer service, perseverance and passion, we grew in terms of project track record, clientele and talent headcount every single year since our establishment. Now, we continue to do what we do best, providing added value to our clients to ensure they can reshape the way energy is generated and consumed, one community at a time.

“Today we celebrate vision, we celebrate perseverance and most of all, we celebrate teamwork. Because today, like every other day, we are reminded that what we do matters, and it carries impact for many generations to come”, stated Ko in response to this achievement.

With this title, we are reminded to keep embracing every opportunity and strength to keep driving the world towards clean and sustainable energy for a better future. We would like to thank our clientele and partners for contributing to our journey and mission. Not only is this a recognition of our hard work coming to fruition, but a huge sign of how when we put our minds, hands and hearts together for a more sustainable future, anything is possible.

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